Do you want to know how to dance salsa? The salsa is a passionate and vibrant dance. It is known for its footwork and intimate and sexy movements. Salsa dancing has become a smashing hit among the dancing community as more and more enthusiasts are getting attracted to learn salsa. This style of dancing and expression has nearly a hundred years of history, and the dance was shaped over the years by the many political and social influences of the day. This created variations and divergences and led to the emergence of different styles based on ethnicity and geography.

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You can derive many benefits out of salsa dancing such as:

  • Salsa is one of the most energetic and intimate of all dances. Doing the salsa would make you happier, reduce your stress and may even change the way you see simple things.
  • Salsa is one of the most popular forms of social dance. When dancing the salsa, more often than not, you would meet different people of the same interest, helping you make additional friends and friendly competitors.
  • Salsa is a wonderful way to enhance your muscle tone as well as coordination. This can help you get better timing and reflexes, which you can apply to your everyday activities.
  • Salsa dancing can help you regain your self confidence by getting you out and helping you meet new people.
  • Salsa helps you maintain good body flexibility and helps release endorphins. Salsa dancing is also a great way to workout, especially your legs and your torso. This dance form is also considered to be one of the best forms of aerobic exercises.

How To Dance Salsa ?

Salsa is a partner dance, though it differs from many in a very basic way: in the basic step, the man and woman move identically. As with most partner dances, the man uses the arms and hands to direct the woman’s body.


  • For the first step, woman on her part should have to perform a backward movement with the right foot.
  • The weight gets transferred to the left foot in the second step.
  • Woman has to perform the right foot movement as in a way to meet the left foot for the third step.
  • The fourth step is but a pause which gets used for shifting the weight.
  • The left foot is used for the forward movement in the fifth step.
  • The sixth step involves the transfer of weight to the right foot.
  • The left foot is moved to bring it near the right foot in the seventh step.
  • The eighth step happens to be a pause as you can get ready to perform the next step.



  • Right foot gets taken off the ground, left foot kept forward.
  • The weight has to be shifted from that of the left to the right foot for the second beat. The right foot now takes all the weight.
  • The step involves the movement of left foot taken in the backward direction to be placed next to that of the right foot in the third step. The weight is spread across both the feet.
  • Now for the turn of the fourth beat, the weight can gradually be moved to that of the left foot during this beat.
  • In the fifth step, right foot gets taken off the ground, left foot kept forward, done in the backward direction.
  • The sixth step involves shifting the weight to the left foot.
  • The right foot is moved to meet the left foot in the seventh step. The balance gets transferred to both the feet.
  • For the turn of the eight beat, the weight gets taken off the left foot to get ready for the next step.

Learning Salsa At Home

While you start learning salsa at home with the comforts of the home proving to be an advantageous factor, there is no one to intimidate you. In essence, as you learn the basics, your confidence levels touch a new high. Now you become restless and crazy to occupy a dance floor to exhibit your dancing prowess.

Learning salsa with the help of the instructional DVDs at home helps make a thorough study of the basic steps. Learning salsa at home also save your time and money. If you are not too sure about a step, you can keep watching the particular step again and again until you feel confident about the particular step. Most importantly, as when you opt to learn salsa at home, you can do it at a pace as that suits your convenience.

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